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1 - Chasing Sheep / Island Fields

The opener of the album is the pure feeling of freedom and lightness of the Irish nature - just like home. Listening to these tunes I imagine my wife and me running over the green fields at the cliffs. My wife is chasing sheep which are constantly running from her screaming – true story.


Thanks to Meike Katrin Stein for playing the fiddle!

2 - Wind and Waves

Little story about mighty waves crashing against the cliffs and the old ship sailing over the sea.


Thanks to Marius Kirsten for the amazing banjo grooves!

3 - Pub Stories

I tried to catch the feeling of sitting in the pub with good live music. You can hear the audience stomping and clapping the beat.

4 - Marley's Song

It is a very special song for our little miracle, my daughter Marlene. It is supposed to give her all she needs on her way – I wish her the best and want to help her with all I am growing up in this crazy world. I wish her to become a very curious, fearless and cheerful little person who will always try to reach for the stars. In these dark and difficult times of COVID-19 pandemic this song, just like herself, gave us so much hope and positive mind  before she was born already. May this song guide you on your path growing up, little Marlene.

5 - A Place Your Feet May Leave

This is the first song that was written for Book of Tunes. Right after our last stay in Ireland, I ordered a mandolin and Irish bouzouki. That was the first time I had a mandolin in my hands and at first I wasn‘ t able to really play it at all. The main melodies were composed on the piano and arranged for all other instruments (all the other songs were written with mandolin and guitar). This piece is the pure impression of my heart longing for the Green Island.


Thanks a lot to Meike Katrin Stein for playing the violin parts here.

6 - Heart and Soul


„Heart and Soul“ could be the unofficial main title of the album. It is dedicated to music itself and all things I do with highest devotion, like this music project, Book of Tunes.

7 - Voice in the Dark

A journey to the inner voice and consciousness. Some very old musical themes of mine were re-used in this track, kind of back to the roots with many guitars and deep tuning.

8 - Little Journey

The story is about trails. On the one hand the trails you walk in your life and the moments you reach your big goals. It always keeps going forward and this song gives you the necessary lightness you sometimes need to move on. On the other hand I see my daughter on her little journey exploring the garden experiencing some big adventures between finding a hedgehog and some sociable garden gnomes.

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